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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Valley of the Wolves

Valley of the Wolves explains the story of a large mafia that wants to seize the country and people who fight against them. It starts from the streets and rises step by step to a "Council" at the top of the hierarchy. Born as Efe Karahanlı, the main character was kidnapped by Aslan Akbeyand put in an orphanage. He was then taken from an orphanage and placed in a family, known as "Ali Candan“ and trained to fight against terror. His life quickly came to a turning point, and his rise in the mafia didn't take long, and he became Polat Alemdar, an alias for the "Baron", head of "Council of The Wolves". Polat is now head of the mafia.

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Sat to Tue
9:00 pm