EID Qurban Special Shows


This Eid with great and amazing entertainment shows from TOLO TV.

Eid Amad, a great comedy show hosted by TOLO TV's 3 famous comedians Ebrahim Abed, Nabi Roshan and Siar Matin. Watch this amazing comedy show on 3 days of Eid at 5:30pm.

TOLO TV will entertain you and your families with a live and outstanding entertaiment, musical and comdey show of Zer Chatre Eid at 6:30pm on 3 days of Eid. 

Qasim ba Aryana is an entertainment show which will be hosted by Qasim Ebrahimi the Afghan famous comedian and Aryana Sayed the bravest and best Afghan female singer. This show will have comedy performances by Qasim Ebrahimi and beautiful music performances by Aryana Sayed on the first day of EID at 9:00.

Helal Eid TOLO TV’s special Eid concerts which will feature famous Afghan singers will broadcast On the 2nd and 3rd nights of Eid at 9:00. Also, do not forget the special shows of Qabe Goftogo and Shabake Khanda on first day of Eid at 7pm and 8pm.

Stay tuned and enjoy watching your favorite shows on TOLO TV.

EID Mubarak!