Ramazan Shows


TOLO TV will broadcast a selection of special programs on the occasion of the holy months of Ramazan.

EFTARI (everyday at 6:30pm on TOLO TV and LEMAR TV)

An informative and entertaining daily program with various guests to discuss how Ramazan effects and influences individuals social and personal lives.

TARTIL (everyday at 5:30pm)

A 30 episode program with over 500 Quran readers from across Afghanistan, competing against each other in order to find the best Quran reader in the country.

SAHARI (every morning at 2:00am)

An Islamic talk show that will discuss the faith and the Islamic knowledge in people nowadays. The show will also include a religious documentary.

Enjoy our special Ramazan program starting from June 6th 2016!

Ramazan Kareem from TOLO TV to all our viewers!